Plot No. 180 Luanshya Road

Oaktree Park, Block 10 & 11

Villa Elizabetha, Lusaka

P.O Box 37076, Lusaka-Zambia

Office Tel : +260 968 114382



 “Innovating Beyond the Ordinary”

Welcome to JPSM Innovations Limited. We are a privately owned company incorporated in Zambia on 15th of August 2013.JPSM Innovations Ltd is a wholly Zambian owned company set up to provide goods and services especially customs clearing and freight forwarding in terms of Imports & Exports

Jack Bupe Simutowe

Managing Director

JPSM Innovations Ltd


At JPSM Innovations Ltd, we believe in constant innovations and that our clients are the most important people/entities in our business. We simply exist for them. We have dynamic, young, innovative and qualified employees who are our most important asset in the  company and are here to attend to your needs and wants as clients 24/7/365.


They will always give you feedback even when you have not asked for it for we believe feedback is the only effective and efficient means of evaluating our performance as we engage in business with you our Clients.   We at JPSM Innovations Ltd also believe in intra trade within the industry as well as  globalization.


To us no business or individual is too big or small to do business with us.  We are simply here for anyone willing and seeing fit to do business with us as we uphold the highest ethical standards in our business transactions as we deal with both our clients and  employees who to us take center stage in our business.


I am proud to announce that JPSM Innovations Ltd is here for all our clients and would be clients all the time and will continue innovating the way forward in business. You are all welcome at JPSM Innovations Ltd.


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